By founder David Dudek:

In early August 2014 I had just finished reading a positive book on dying i.e. Chasing Daylight which is about 53 year old KPMG CEO Eugene O'Kelly who was diagnosed with brain cancer and given 3-6 months to live. In parallel time Robin Williams, who is from my home town, had just committed suicide at 63 years.

These together made me think about life a little differently and being a single male of 46 years I decided to plan out a bit of my future and started further researching my bucket list.

I still don’t exactly what triggered my brain but I do remember googling Halley’s Comet which I had witnessed with my own eyes during its last passing in 1986. I was in university then and I had just completed an astronomy course so was quite interested in the heavens and this was a cool cosmic event.

To my utter delight on Wikipedia I saw the next passing would be in 2061 and I immediately thought – this is my goal to make it to see the next coming. My grandfather lived to 98 and was still dancing in the senior homes until he was 95 so I know I potentially have in my genes the ability to make 93 years old which would make 2014 my half-life.

Dave's Bucket List - Halley's Comet

After this bucket list epiphany I mentioned to a few friends I’m planning to see Halley’s Comet in 2061 – and joked that I’m going to start planning now for a party/celebration. Nearly everyone I talked to over the next 6 weeks called me crazy but they also said "please invite me" and "I love the idea."

After quite a few adult beverage induced brainstorming sessions with friends I decided this really was a good idea and so decided to launch 2061.club