Why does this club exist?

The founder had an epiphany one day, and decided this was a good way to celebrate life. See the full story on the History page.

What happens if the founders do not make it to 2061?

We plan to develop and publish bylaws like any professional club and association. We will work with the Century Founders over the next few months to further develop the intricacies of 2061.club.

Where will the celebration take place?

We have started the planning already, and the possibilities seem endless. Nobody knows what the world will look like in 2061, but surely it will possible to celebrate on an aircraft carrier, an island or even the moon???

During the time up to 2061, members will be encouraged to provide suggestions and options for the celebration.

What will membership fees go towards?

Membership fees will be invested to use and fund the 2061.club celebration of the century. There will be some costs (website, legal registration, etc).

Also 20% of any membership fees collected in any year will go towards our selected Charity. Currently that charity is the Amazing Maasai Girls Project.

We will publish an annual report each year detailing the financial information of 2061.club to all paid members.

Can we invite friends?

Yes you can forward the invitation letter, website or Facebook page to any of your friends and they can register.

Can I get a refund?

Yes you can request a full refund (minus any Paypal transactions fees) by writing an email to info [at] 2061.club within 45 days of registration. Please and provide your Paypal details in your refund request.

What happens if I die before 2061?

You can transfer your membership prior to 2061 for a small transactional fee (yet to be determined).

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