About the club

2061.club is aimed at bringing together educated worldly professionals who have a passion for adventure, travel, learning and fun. The 2061.club will bond these like-minded individuals to complete a long term vision with a specific goal to witness, in style, the next passing of Halley’s Comet. We will have fun planning the celebration to witness this celestial miracle from the best viewing spot on the planet which 2061.club can afford after 46 years of compounding investment.

2061.club membership benefits include:

  • A certificate of 2061.club membership
  • Semi-annual newsletter
  • Annual report
  • Invitation to events leading up to 2061
  • Availability of 2061.club merchandise
  • Member forums
  • Charity sponsorship

To join the club you need to register using the orange button. The earlier you join the less membership costs, as the price will rise as we approach 2061.