What about a celebration in

and seeing Halley's Comet?


Something to live for...

You have just arrived to the gateway of longevity and fun, the festivity of life and the final bucket list item for many of us. In approximately 46 years Halley's Comet will be hurtling by earth and visible to the naked eye. This cosmic event only happens once every ±75 years and will be your last opportunity to witness this heavenly miracle at the sunset of our existence at the celebration of the century.

You have the unique and timely opportunity to join the 2061.club now and put this dream, and for some a life goal to pursue, in your bucket list.

See you in about 45 years!


16 Jun 2016

90+ is NOT old!

Sceptics are afraid to commit to an event so far in the future. We sometimes hear things like "I'll be old then". We feel that's no excuse...

If Queen Elizabeth can rock a lime green outfit for her 90th birthday, who's to say you can't party in 2061? And how about a 90-year old woman who skydived in the Queen's honour?

So if you think you won't be around, or that you'll be too old, think again!

16 Nov 2015

2061.club donates to the Amazing Maasai Girls Project!

As 2061.club is about celebrating life, we donate 20% of each years’ membership fees to a charity. We just completed our first donation of US$480 to the Amazing Maasai Girls Project (AMGP). The AMGP sponsors education for Maasai girls in Kenya who would otherwise not have the means. Our donation is enough to support 1 girl through 1 year of high school and we are investigating the option of offering a membership in 2061.club upon graduation! We can be proud if in 4 years we can welcome a new member to 2061.club that we all funded through their high school education years.

Read more about the AMGP here. See their annual fundraising global run video, in which many of our 2061.club members participated. Thanks again for everyone’s contribution, you are making a difference in people’s lives!